Labobinx xRoute Smart Caravan App

Labobinx xRoute Smart Caravan App

[x]Route Smart Caravan Control Panel is a device that allows users to control their caravans in a smart way. In addition, the Xroute app allows RVers to control their devices more easily and conveniently.

The Xroute app allows caravan users to access their device via a Bluetooth connection and control a range of its features. The app is available for Android and iOS operating systems.

Wireless connectivity puts you in control…

Thanks to its fast wireless connection, the xRoute app allows you to control everything from your tablet or cell phone without leaving your seat.

The Xroute app allows users to access important functions such as lighting, electronics, water level, battery status, ambient conditions and motorized components. Users can monitor the status of devices, change their settings and even run programmed scenarios.

The xRoute app has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. Users can use the app to easily control their devices. Also, the Xroute app is available in many different languages, making it a convenient option for different users.

With all these features in mind, the xRoute app is a tool that makes life easier for caravan users. Users can conveniently control their devices and make adjustments according to their needs.

The customizable interface means everything is just for you…

The xRoute smart RV control system offers a unique and fully customizable user interface, giving RV owners an exceptional experience. Thanks to this special interface, users can easily manage full control of their RV while traveling. Each user has the opportunity to customize the interface with color schemes, icons and functions to suit their preferences.

The xRoute Smart RV control system allows users to further customize the travel experience by offering a wide range of personalization possibilities. Users can customize the number and placement of keys on the screen, giving them quick access to the most frequently used features. Also, with the ability to change the icons and names of the keys, users can easily recognize which key does what and create an interface that suits their needs.

Lighting can be particularly important for nighttime use. Therefore, the smart RV control system gives users the option to change the number and names of the lights. Thus, they can name their indoor and outdoor lighting as they wish and create an appropriate atmosphere. If RGB lighting is available, users can instantly change the atmosphere of the caravan by customizing the colors as they wish.

The xRoute Smart RV control system also allows users to select and organize instruments. Users can highlight frequently used metrics and information on the main screen, while placing other details in sub-menus, making the interface more organized and user-friendly. This way, users have instant access to the information that best suits their needs and can easily monitor the status of the caravan.

Engine control is also an important part of the smart motorhome and the control system allows users to select and manage engines. Users can select or customize engine settings to suit different driving conditions. They can also switch between energy-saving or performance-oriented engine controls for an optimal driving experience throughout their journey.

As a result, the intelligent RV control system offers users a wide range of personalization options to ensure the best travel experience. On-screen buttons, icons, lighting and engine controls can be customized according to users’ preferences and needs, making every trip unique and enjoyable.

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