Labobinx xRoute Smart Caravan System

Labobinx xRoute Smart Caravan System

[x] Route presents the perfect technological change in the world of caravans.

Route caravan automation system is a smart caravan automation system designed to meet all the needs of travel enthusiasts. This system includes many features you may need in your caravan and makes your travels more enjoyable.

This system gives users full control over the tablet application. The customizable interface of the Xroute smart caravan system tablet application can be customized according to the needs and tastes of the users. This feature provides users with an easier and user-friendly experience.

Control at Your Fingertips

Dimmer Lighting, Electronic Device Control, Motor control, Power Management, Smart Sensors and much more…

xRoute smart caravan control system is a caravan control system designed to make your travels with modern caravans more enjoyable. This system includes many of the features you may need in your camper, including factors such as energy savings, comfort, safety and mobility.

Dimmer Lighting, which provides the opportunity to adjust the light intensity, users can adjust the intensity of the lighting as they wish.While it is possible to create a warmer atmosphere by reducing the intensity of the lighting, a clearer field of view can be obtained by increasing the intensity of the lighting.

With RGB-enabled LEDs, you can change your mood by changing colors according to the ambiance you want, and prepare perfect environments with ideal light intensity.

Electronic Device Control You can turn the lights, air conditioner, television, water heater and other electronic devices in the caravan on and off with just a button. You can put functions related to your electronic devices.

For example, when the clean water level drops below 5%, it prevents the water pump from working, preventing any damage to the waterless worker.

Motor Control, you can easily control your equipment such as a motorized table, motorized television mechanism, awning, elevator bed, on a tablet or mobile phone, and increase your comfort to the next level.

Power Management By constantly monitoring the voltage of the battery, users are informed about when the battery needs to be charged. The charge level of the battery indicates how much charge the battery is fully charged.

Current sensors monitoring the consumption or charging current, users can have information about how much power the battery consumes and how long it will take to charge.

In addition, in the event of a short circuit, the current sensor measures an abnormality and protects the system, cutting the energy and protecting the electronic devices.

Display Screen Displays the information provided by the system and provides users with instant information about the status of their caravan..

The display screen of the caravan automation system is usually located on a panel inside the caravan. This screen shows information such as water levels, indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, humidity.

Smart Sensors are integral parts of the system. With current sensors, temperature sensors, humidity sensor, fire/gas sensor and balance sensors, it can obtain all the information about your caravan and optimize the smart caravan system accordingly, allowing you to use your caravan more comfortably, safely and efficiently.

Wireless Control xRoute caravan control panel with Wireless Control, you can have a 30m diameter shooting area around your caravan wirelessly, either with your system tablet or with your mobile phone. You will no longer need to go to the control panel to create the perfect ambiance in your caravan and enjoy your holiday.

Control your caravan experience wisely. – Enjoy the freedom with xRoute!

xRoute Smart Caravan Control Panel With its advanced technology, user-friendly interface and features it offers, it makes the holidays of caravan users more enjoyable.

Whether you are a full-time camper user or a fighter for weekends, Xroute smart camper control panel will make your life easier and more enjoyable. Why are you waiting? Get it today and enjoy the benefits of the smart caravan

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